We have not finalized dates for the 2022 Mountain Recording Retreat. For date info on the 2021 Song & Sound Retreat check out the S&S Retreat page.

We are still working out the details and things are subject to change, but below are some of the workshops we are currently planning on presenting.

Song Critiques: Michelle Shocked, Dave Nachmanoff, Ronan Chris Murphy & Liz Redwing
We will have multiple opportunities to have your songs critiqued by our mentors.

Spinning Your Wheels: Why Write Songs When You Can Write Song Cycles? – Michelle Shocked
Michelle will teach “song-cycling”, her idiomatic approach to concept development for a complete suite of songs.

“Turning Fragments and half finished ideas in real songs” – Dave Nachmanoff
One of the biggest problems that a lot of writers have is following through and finishing songs that they have begun. In this workshop, Dave will take actual song fragments or half-written ideas and use some different techniques to bring them to completion. Bring one of your unfinished songs (or even an idea for a song) as something that we can potentially work on.

Each One, Teach One: The Seriously Important Need for Songwriter Music Publishing Literacy – Michelle Shocked
Michelle will educate songwriters on the need to understand the ins and out of music publishing and how it effects your income and career.

Music Writing Hacks For Writers That Do Not Play An Instrument –  Ronan Chris Murphy
Not playing an instrument does not have to keep you from writing full songs. Ronan will share some simple strategies and tools that put writing full songs within the grasp of lyricists and singers that do not play a musical instrument.

Co-Writing Games – Ronan Chris Murphy
Ronan will lead this fun interactive workshop that will help jump start your co-writing at the retreat and give you techniques to try in other co-writing situations.

Music Biz Free-For-All Q&A – Liz Redwing
Liz will host this open session for attendees to ask questions about the business of songwriting.

A Functional Approach To Chords – Dave Nachmanoff
This workshop will focus on how we can build chords on the different notes of the scale, and each of these chords will have a “job” to do. Once we understand the job of each chord in the key, it is easier to know how to create progressions that work, and to figure out the chords to songs you hear.