Song & Sound Retreat

Special Event at Capon Springs this Fall!

We are heading out of this pandemic with cautious optimism. We have had to postpone The Mountain Recording Retreat and The Mountain Songwriting Retreat three times now and we are looking at rescheduled dates for both of those for 2022.

I have missed getting together with great folks and sharing music, knowledge, and friendship at Capon Springs, and it is clear from so many of our previous attendees and mentors that I am not alone in that. So, Liz and I have been working with Capon Springs to see if we can do something there in 2021, and we have now made the plan for a special event in the Fall.

September 19-24, 2021 we will presenting a special event:

The Song & Sound Retreat at Capon Springs

I need to say a few very important things up front.

We will be closely following all CDC and West Virginia health department guidelines, and we will base all aspects of the event on that guidance.

Participation in the Song & Sound Retreat will only be available to those that have been fully vaccinated.

This special event combines elements of The Mountain Songwriting Retreat and The Mountain Recording Retreat to create something that is both familiar and new. Attendees will be able to attend any sessions they wish throughout the week. The retreat is being hosted by Ronan Chris Murphy (me!) and Dave Nachmanoff and we will both be teaching workshops throughout the week. So far, the other mentors we can confirm are Fett, Nancy Moran and Liz Redwing. Check out the mentor bios

I hope you can forgive my ambiguity on some of the details about the retreat. We created this unique event so that those of us who love getting together and sharing this wonderful experience at Capon Springs do not have to wait another year to do so. This is like a family reunion where new friends are welcome. We are trying to keep prices as low as possible and any small profit we might potentially make may offset some of our losses from all the recent postponements and cancelations. The Song and Sound Retreat this fall is 10% business for us and 90% getting together and learning and playing with people we miss hanging out with. Also, Capon Springs is one of my favorite places on planet earth, and they have been hit pretty hard by the pandemic and we want to help bring them some business so we can keep enjoying this magical place for years to come.

Registration fee $1,397

  • Registration includes lodging, 3 meals a day and all work shops.
  • If you have previously attended one of our retreats at Capon Springs, contact us for special pricing.

Non-participating spouse or family member fee $797

If we are holding a deposit from you for the postponed recording or songwriting retreats, you may apply 100% of that deposit to the Song & Sound Retreat. If we are not currently holding deposit money from you, the deposit to register for this retreat will only be $200, because of the Covid uncertainty we are still facing. To be honest, we completely understand all the people that needed deposits back when we postponed the Songwriting and Recording retreats, but it was tough on our business for multiple reasons, and we do not really want to risk that happening again.

This will be a wonderful event, and we hope everyone understands the spirit in which we are putting it together. Liz and I will keep you posted with new details as they develop. It will be awesome to see old friends and make some new ones.

Registration is open now! Register here.