How old is too old to be a songwriter?

One of the fun things about the Mountain Songwriting Retreat is the range of participants we have. Our songwriters have ranged from 18 years old to well into their 70’s or beyond. Some are younger people that are starting their careers in music while others are older folks that have ended careers outside of music and are now pursuing songwriting simply for the love of it. Songwriting is a great thing regardless of why you do it.

Some people might be under the impression that songwriting is a younger person’s game, but the story of 102 year old Alan R. Tripp and his “young” collaborator, 88 year old Marvin Weisbord might change your mind. Check out this video.

So you think you might be too old to get into songwriting? This is what Mountain Songwriting Retreat mentor Dave Nachamanoff has to say about that:

If you have ever thought it would be really fun to write songs, but assumed that because you don’t play an instrument or have any musical training that is not a possibility, I am here to tell you that YOU CAN DO IT!  I have led workshops with children as young as 4 or 5 years old, and with elders in nursing homes, some of whom were in the their 90s, and many groups of non-songwriters, who wound up writings some terrific songs.  If you can put some words together, you can write lyrics.  If you can hum, whistle, pluck out a melody on a piano or other instrument, you can write music.  Lionel Bart (who wrote the musical “Oliver” and many successful pop songs) couldn’t read or write music and would simply hum what he heard in his head and someone else would transcribe it and arrange it.  So, don’t let anything get in your way if you have the urge to try songwriting!  Come to the Mountain Songwriting Retreat in Capon Springs West Virginia and enjoy the chance to be part of a wonderful community of people who love songwriting. -Dave

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  1. Let the world know that at 68, I attended the Mountain Songwriting Retreat. Eight months later, I am planning a CD release party with 11 songs that I wrote and sang! I wasn’t even the oldest person there! Some were in their 20s, but music transcends age.

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